WordPress Jetpack Plugin Review

WordPress Jetpack plugin is one of best plugin ever built for WordPress. It provides some of very essential features for your website at zero cost. You can check your website stats, a high-speed CDN for images – help in boosting website speed. You can show related posts to increase users engagement, downtime monitoring, brute force attack protection etc. Automated sharing to social networks – you can share your post automatic on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and WhatsApp etc. You can embed content from YouTube, Google Documents, Spotify etc into your website. Extra sidebar widgets including blog stats, calendar, and author widgets etc all comes free with Jetpack. Email subscriptions – you can send new content notification.

WordPress jetpack

What is need of Paid Plan:-
Jetpack’s paid services include automated backups, security scanning, Malware scanning, code scanning, and threat resolution, spam filtering, video hosting, site monetization, SEO tools, and priority support. Paid plan also loaded with Search engine optimization tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.com.
If you want to change your host, in this case too Jetpack premium will help you. You can your entire website backups, restore, or migrate it other place. You can also host video with plan – High-speed, ad-free, and high-definition video hosting comes with paid Jetpack. You can even monetize your website to earn revenue.

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