WordPress 500 Internal Server Error Possible Reasons & How to Fix Error 500

WordPress 500 Internal Server Error:-
If you are using wordpress, you might face 500 internal server error at wordpress dashboard. You can face this problem, when you update your wordpress website to newer version or you have moved your website to another host. Does you website working properly & facing error 500 at wp-admin, post, wp-admin/plugins.php, wp-admin/themes.php etc pages? Below are possible reasons of Error 500.
You can fix this problem by following these steps:-
If you have updated WordPress
File permissions might be reason
Login into hosting control panel
Wordpress files has only 2 types of permissions, 0755 & 0644 only
All WordPress Core folders should have 0755 permissions
All individual files should have 0644 permissions
If this does not solve your problem, you might have problem with .htaccess file
Login control panel
Select the option to show hidden files (dotfiles)
Rename existing .htaccess file to .htaccess.bak or anything else
Create a new .htaccess file
Now login into your wordpress dashboard & save permalink
Other possible reason:-
1. Any Plugin might causing issue
2. PHP Memory Limit
3. browser’s cache and cookies
If none solve your problem, contact your host.