What is ICICI Bank Pockets? How to Create Virtual Credit Card India

icici pocketsICICI Bank Pockets is mobile app. You can download it at your android as well as iPhone to book movie tickets, recharge mobile phones, pay bills send money, split bills, shop anywhere and a lot more. It comes with a VISA-powered wallet. This VISA card can be used at all website which accept VISA credit card. You can also pay at stores directly from your smartphone using the mVisa feature on Pockets. You can split bill among your friends & family members. With Pockets you can transfer money not only to bank accounts, mobile number, email id, Whatsapp contacts, Google+ or Facebook ID but even tap and pay your friends. It also added option to pay using UPI, Scan to Pay, BHARATQR, Touch & pay, ToneTag etc.

Referral Code:-
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Virtual Credit Card:-
After loading balance, credit card number along with cvv and expiry date will be generated inside your app. Pockets wallet number is virtual credit card number. When you click on pockets wallet number, you can see cvv and expiry date. You can also request physical card from your app, in case you want to shop at retail stores with this card.