What is Cryptocurrency? How to invest in Bitcoin from India

bitcoinA cryptocurrency or crypto currency is a digital asset or currency. A Cryptocurrency has no central authority or banks which can regulate it unlike other currencies like USD, INR, GBP etc. There are lot of cryptocurrencies in the market. Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin are most popular among them. Now the question arises, if there is no central authority than how to buy to sell them and how they operate. Cryptocurrency like bitcoin uses peer to peer network for daily operations. There are some miners who get paid for all these operation. Anybody can join bitcoin as miner. You will be paid in form of cryptocurrency and amount will be decided according to your computer’s computing power.
You can buy or sell these currencies using currency exchanges. In India you can buy or sell bitcoin using Coinsecure and Zebpay and some others too. You can open a normal account with them and after KYC you can buy all sell these currencies. Zebpay is also offering free bitcoin worth Rs. 100 to new users. To know more about Zebpay