What is Amazon Kindle? How to read Kindle Books without Kindle Device

amazon kindle deviceAmazon Kindle is a device used for reading ebooks. It is developed by Amazon. In India Amazon sells its Young Readers Pack, All-New Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage & Kindle Oasis versions. All versions have touchscreen & built in wifi. Their Battery lasts weeks on a single charge. Battery fully charged in 4 hours only. It can holds thousands of books at one time. You can buy books of worldwide writers. In addition to global content, you can also buy bestsellers of local languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam etc too.
How to Read Kindle eBooks without Kindle Devices:-
If you don’t want to buy Kindle devices, you can still read all kindle books through kindle Apps. Just download Kindle app from Android, Amazon Store or Apple store & start reading. You can also access all books through web browsers. No need to find, which page you are reading last time. Thanks to Amazon cloud, it syncs your activities across all your devices. You can buy any book of your choice. If you have fond of reading book go with Kindle Unlimited . Kindle Unlimited gives you access to over 1 millions ebooks. Plan stats as low as Rs. 150 per month only. Happy Reading