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Toll Free Number Directory Of India!

Bihar Government Toll Free Number

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    • Toll Free Number
      Toll Free Number:- 1800-345-6109 (Tenders)
      Toll Number:- +91-612-2523006
      Mobile:- +91-9939035696
      Toll Fax Number:- +91-612-2523006
      Email:- (Tenders)
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    • Description:-
      Bihar is located in the eastern part of the country (between 83-30' to 88-00' longitude). It is an entirely land?locked state, although the outlet to the sea through the port of Kolkata is not far away. Bihar lies mid-way between the humid West Bengal in the east and the sub humid Uttar Pradesh in the west which provides it with a transitional position in respect of climate etc.

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