tawk.to Free Chat Tool (Widget) for Websites, Talk with Real Time Visitors

tawk.to reviewTalk to your customers in real-time with free messaging app. It let you talk to your website visitors anytime, from any place as it gives you the freedom to chat with visitors using a desktop, Windows App, Mac OSx App, iPhone App, Android App etc. It also integrates with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. If you don’t have time to chat with your visitors, you can hire their agents. You need to pay as little as $1 per hour for PRO and heavily trained agents will engage with your visitors on your behalf.
How easy to Integrate
It is a very simple process. Just signup at www.tawk.to & Copy a simple line of Javascript into your website and start chatting with your visitors.
1880+ emoji
Desktop Notifications
Javascript API
Real Time Monitoring
Native Mobile Apps
Automated Triggers
Customizable Widgets
Ticketing Built-in
Remove Branding
Canned Shortcuts
100+ Integrations
Secure Encryption
Geo IP Tracking
Unlimited Agents
Unlimited History

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