How to Track Gmail & Outlook Sent Emails and Schedule Your Emails

SalesHandy is a perfect tool for scheduling and tracking your emails. You just need to download a chrome extension and enjoy the power of SalesHandy. You can schedule Unlimited Email irrespective of time zone. It gives you the ability to choose the Time Zone, Time and Day you want to send that particular email. It can also send automatic follow-up emails depending on the conditions. You can personalize your automated follow-up emails, Schedule follow-up emails depending up to multiple conditions like, a particular email trigger to users who don’t open previous emails or previously opened users or users who don’t reply or users who click on documents inside your email etc etc.

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Track your links in Mail Merge Campaign. You can track how many times recipients open the particular link. You can edit or add more stages to emails which are already scheduled. You can also cancel your schedule emails. SalesHandy is a sales communication and analytics tool for every small and medium organizations.