How to Receive Payment without Routing (ABA) Number in India (ACH)

Most of USA companies ask for Routing / ABA number for payment transfer. But in India, Indian banks have IFSC code or swift code. Although you can receive international payment using swift code. But to receive payments using SWIFT code, your company must support SWIFT code and you should have SWIFT code of your bank branch too. Bank branches which deals in foreign currency have SWIFT code.
How to Receive Payment without Routing (ABA) Number in India (ACH)
To receive USA payments, you need to signup at Payoneer It is just like PayPal to receive payments from companies worldwide. Signup is free of cost, After account activation, You can receive Payment using IFSC code itself.

aba number ifsc code

You need to go to Global Payment Service of Payoneer account
Get your account number and ABA number
Provide these details to USA based company Like Amazon Associate
Enter your Bank Payoneer details Like Bank Name, IFSC Code etc at Payoneer
Withdraw your money in INR at your Bank

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