How to Optimize YouTube Video? SEO for Youtube Video Channel

TubeBuddy as the name suggest is a youtube certified tool. TubeBuddy free browser extensions are available for both Mozilla and Chrome. Integrate browser extensions and optimize your videos directly at YouTube. You can set any video as a End Screen Template

tubebuddy youtube video optimization

With TubeBuddy you can turn any part of your video into an Animated GIF. You can filter comments to increase engagement with views. Add Emojis to your Titles, Tags and Descriptions. With TubeBuddy you can publish your YouTube videos at Facebook with just 1 click.

Schedule Videos
Easy Edit Tool
Comment Filters
Add Emoji
Hide and remove videos from playlists at a future date/time
Create professional quality thumbnails
Advanced Video Embedding
Canned Responses

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How to Earn From YouTube:-
You can earn money online by uploading videos at youtube. You need
1. YouTube Channel
2. Your Own Video Content
Anyone can create a YouTube channel for free. Upload your own videos, you can upload any content except hate speech, copy write content, porn etc.
Like if you a teacher, You can create the videos on different topics, house wives can create content on cooking, home decor etc. Similar other too, Create videos on the topics, in which you are a master. Apply for Adsense and enjoy earnings. You can apply for Adsense when channel reaches minimum 10,000 views.