How To Add Google Search Box To My Website

How To Add Google Search Box To My Web Site:-
When You Visit Different Website, You might watch A Search Box Inside The Webpages. If You Want Same Search Box For Your static html website Then Google Will Help You. There Are Two Methods to add Search box. You have options to display search results. Google CSE will help you in doing all this.
Search Result At Same Page
Search Result On Other Page (google)

Google CSE
google cse
There are two plans in Google CSE
Free Plan
Paid Plan $100 per year
In Free Plan Ads Will Display With The Search Result, And In The Paid Plan Search Result Is Free From Ads
Paid Plan is free for non profit organisation

Or You can use directly below code:-
Use This Form In Your Site For Search Box

<form action=”” method=”get”><input maxlength=”255″ name=”q” size=”31″ type=”text” value=”” />
<input type=”submit” value=”Google Search” />

<input name=”sitesearch” type=”radio” value=”” />

The Web <input checked=”checked” name=”sitesearch” type=”radio” value=”” />
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For your site search box just replace with your site address