CodeGuard Automatically Backup your Website in Cloud

CodeGuardCodeGuard backup all your websites daily in cloud. You can backup & restore data in just 1 click. All backups are stored at Amazon Web Services Simple Storage System known as S3. Backup is stored utilizing Server Side Encryption (SSE). CodeGuard offers 5 plans depending upon your websites/usages i.e. Ninja, Ronin, Samurai, Ashigaru & Shogun. With Shogun plan, you can backup upto 100 websites. It can backup all types of website from a simple html website to complex e-commerce website. It also offers plugin for WordPress websites.
How does It Work?
You can connect connect your website to CodeGuard by giving them your SFTP/FTP/MySQL information of your hosting. CodeGuard needs only below information to take backup automatically
1. Website URL
2. Hostname/IP Address
3. SFTP/FTP Username
4. SFTP/FTP Password
5. Port Number
6. Root Directory
You can backup from single website to multiple websites depending upon your plan.
Why I should Choose CodeGuard?
It stores your data at 3rd place independent of your Host. If your suffer any problem, still all your data remains safe.