Automatic Strong Password Generator and Remember Password with Password Manager

Everybody suggest to create a strong password to avoid hacking. But how you will decide, is your password is strong enough. Some websites has strength meter for creating strong password. But we uses more than hundred websites and apps. Some website we use frequently while some occasionally. Second advice is of using different password for different websites.

Why one should use different password:-
Hackers normally shared login data of hacked websites at different website. If you use same password everywhere, anybody can use that information including hackers. By using different password, you will be safe. In case hacker beach of any website, your rest login will not be affected

Why should use Strong Password:-
One of oldest and effective method of hacking is brute force. Where a hacker, tries different combination to login to your ID. If you simple password brute forcing software will easily crack your password. By using strong password, it will be hard to crack your password.

Strong Password:-
A strong password is a combination of Lower key, Upper Key, Number Key and Special Key. Below is example of strong password

You can use Dashlane for creating and storing password. Dashlane can store unlimited password and data storage on your favorite device. It also monitor website security, if any of website used by you, got hacked, it will inform you. You can change passwords instantly. You can also generate and save strong, unique passwords